1. What products does Mario Minardi have?

Mario Minardi offers a wide range of products from genuine leather; from shoes and accessories to other leather goods.

2. What services does Mario Minardi have?

Besides selling leather goods, Mario Minardi also has a few services: Bespoke Experience, Patina Hand Painting and repair.

3. What is Patina Hand Painting?

Patina Hand Painting is a manual coloring method on leather shoes using a certain type of paint and a special technique to create unique colors and textures. This process is done by experienced artisans after the shoes have been sewn. Patina Hand Painting gives a personal touch to your leather shoes, making them outstanding and memorable as they are tailored to your preference.

4. What is Bespoke Experience?

Bespoke Experience is a fully customized shoe-making service based on customers' shoe sizes and tastes. True to its name, bespoke whose meaning is "made for a particular customer or user" or custom made" from Mario Minardi will include you in every aspect of shoe-making. From the design, material, and color to additional detail such as a monogram or initial, everything is customizable to your liking. This process will take up to 60 working days.

5. What kind of exotic leather that Mario Minardi uses in your products?

At the time of writing, Mario Minardi only uses croc leather.

6. Does Mario Minardi only offer a customization service for shoes?

No, all Mario Minardi products are customizable be it shoes, wallets, bags, and other products as long as they are not ready-to-wear products.

7. What is the difference between made-to-order (MTO) with size custom order (SCO)?

Made-to-order service caters to changes in design, shape, color, or material requests. It costs IDR5,000,000 (five million rupiahs) for sneakers and dresses, and IDR5,500,000 (five million and five hundred rupiahs) for boots. The available sizes range from 39 to 45. This process will take up to 45 working days.

On the other hand, the size custom order service allows customers to create shoes in sizes that are not available in our ready-to-wear products (size 39-45). If the shoe size that fits you best is below 39 and above 45, this service is for you. There will be no additional fee charged to customers for this service, but you will have to wait for 30 working days.

8. Does Mario Minardi have a color customization service?

Yes, we do. This service costs an additional IDR500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiahs).

1. How can I make a transaction on Mario Minardi's website?

a) Head to mariominardi.com and pick the product(s) that you would like to buy
b) Choose the size and quantity of the product(s) in the given section
c) Add your desired product(s) to the shopping cart by pressing the 'Add to Cart' button
d) Repeat the first to third steps if you wish to buy another product from Mario Minardi. If there is no other product that you would like to add, proceed by clicking the 'Checkout' button
e) Fill out your personal information as completely as possible
f) Click 'Continue to Shipping' and choose your preferred shipping duration
g) Proceed by choosing the payment method that works best for you and make a payment to the given account number

2. What are the available payment methods on Mario Minardi's website?

Available payment methods on mariominardi.com are bank transfer, credit cards, Gopay, and Atome.

3. Can I buy Mario Minardi's products in installments?

Yes, you can buy our products in installments by using BCA Credit Card for in-store purchases and Atome for online purchases.

4. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Estimated shipping time is varied depending on the shipping address:
- Jabodetabek: 1-2 days
- Java region outside Jabodetabek: 2-3 hari
- Outside Java region: 3-7 hari

5. How to return purchased Mario Minardi products?

Check our return policy from this link https://www.mariominardi.com/pages/return-policy

6. Can I track my order?

Real-time order tracking is not available yet, but you can ask for your order's current status through our customer service on WhatsApp from the number +62 819-5310-4499

7. Where can I address my complaints?

Let us know your complaints, inputs and feedback to our customer service on WhatsApp from the number +62 819-5310-4499.

8. Can I change my address after I place an order?

Yes, you can change your address even after your order has been placed. Contact our customer service on WhatsApp from the number +62 819-5310-4499.

1. If I have problems with my order, how will the refund process look like?

Check our refund process through this link https://www.mariominardi.com/pages/return-policy or contact our customer service on WhatsApp from the number +62 819-5310-4499.

2. How do I return my purchased product(s)?

Check the required steps to return your purchased product(s) through this link https://www.mariominardi.com/pages/return-policy or contact our customer service on WhatsApp from the number +62 819-5310-4499.

3. What are the requirements to return products?

Products that you wish to be exchanged shall be in pristine condition as how it was when it was first purchased or in other words, they have not been worn, washed, or altered in any way or form and has no smell, complete with their purchase receipts, tags, boxes, and original labels. Send a video that highlights the condition of the shoes to our customer service on WhatsApp from the number +62 819-5310-4499. Make sure that the video highlights the shoes' outsole, upper, and insole.

4. How long will the refund process take?

Our refund process will take up to 7 (seven) working days after we have received your products for debit transactions or 14 working days after we have received your products for credit card transactions.