Here at Mario Minardi, we use undyed crust calf, semi-finished tanned leather natural in color to give your shoes an aged, burnished look and the Patina coloring of your choice.

We can Patina almost any color you could ever imagine. The most popular patina colors we use on our shoes are below from black, red, and green to electric blue, and tan.
We provide a wide variety of shoe patinas to our calf leather. We work with a wide variety of Patina, and in most cases, we can accommodate the color of your choice.
If you have any other color, you can email us at

PLEASE NOTE: Because our shoes are hand-painted and Patina finished,
each shoe will have a unique hue and polish, and the color may differ slightly
from the picture.

What is Patina Finish on Leather Shoes?

Here we will take a deeper look into the Patina finish on leather shoes; we will go over what Patina is and what it does to leather shoes, alongside how to do the process yourself and naturally.

Patina is a radiant layer naturally produced overtime on surfaces such as leather.
The natural process occurs when substances such as oil come into contact with the texture and change their appearance. The result is a rich layer of adulation, highlighting the quality and resilience of the material. The better the leather, the more opulent the final product. Now, this will add value to the cost of the shoe but is worth the price for the last look.

This aging method can be attained quickly and artificially in leather during the shoe’s construction by using waxes and dyes to supply the coating—the beauty and quality of a leather patina.
As leather grows in age, it consumes all sorts of things from dirt, water, sunlight, and even body oils and conditioners. That process can be sped up by leaving your leather shoes in direct sunlight, covering them in conditioner, and wearing them more than often. Conditioning and waxing your leather shoes at least once a month is said to be a good idea.

Here at Mario MInardi, we fasten the process up by following these methods. :
1. Cleaning the leather shoe with a leather cleaner.
2. Applying your selected base colour to the shoe.
3. We are applying the darker dyes to areas such as; welts, toe, and heel.
4. Condition with leather conditioner and wax the shoe with neutral wax.