Bespoke Experience


Bespoke Experience & Made-to-Order


Set aside some time to meet your personal shoe assistant at the Mario Minardi store to speak about your dream pair of shoes. Pictures and inspirations that you may already have will greatly aid the discussion during your appointment.


Should you be opting for the bespoke experience service at the Mario Minardi store, you will have the luxury of having your feet automatically measured by our Japanese infoot 3D scanner with exact precision to the milimeter.


Based on analysis of the feet, your personal shoe assistant at the Mario Minardi store will ask detailed questions to better understand your requirements and wishes to make suitable recommendation to the choice of leather, style, accessories and part of the detail shoes.


The personalized order will be sent to our experienced craftsman within 1 working days* and will be ready within 12 - 21 working days* for the fitting using the best quality, imported materials and Italian shoemaking method.


A second appointment your personal shoe assistant at the Mario Minardi store will accompany for you, for a physical fitting let you have preview of how your shoes are going to fit and any fitting revisions will be carefully noted in accordance to your wishes to ensure a perfect finish.


The finished and revised shoes will be ready after 7 working days. You will be contacted by your personal shoe assistant the Mario Minardi store upon their receipt of the finished shoes from our workshop. A pair of shoes speaks for a man's identity. therefore, Mario Minardi Proudly creates its unique made-to-order and bespoke experience to provide personalization that meets each client's taste. flair and build. in made-to-order range, he will be able to choose the model, material, details, size and fit from a prepared by the brand.

A more elaborate personalization is offered by the bespoke experience, in which a client will be able to adjust each part of the shoes have his feet measured by the master shoemaker.

This exclusive service let the client bring his own design and also accommodate orthopaedic requirements. Consultation and recommendations will also be made by the experts to assist clients during the decision making process.

"Mario Minardi sells ready to wear and made-to-order shoes but our bespoke experience made us become a well respected brand."

FootBalance "Unique as you"

FootBalance insoles can help you:
  • Achieve Proper Alignment
  • Improve Performance
  • Reduce Malposition Injuries
  • Increase comfort
FootBalance 100% custom insoles support your feet properly in a natural position aiding a balanced stance and correct body posture. Developed by medical professionals in collaboration wit doctors, pshyotherapists and poduatrists, FootBalance insoles provide:
  • Natural foot support and alignment
  • Customized comfort and the perfect fit
  • Better overall foot health

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