Prestigio Collection

October 27, 2022

The Blue Beneath You

For 40 years, Mario Minardi dedicated itself to presenting high-quality leather products from local artisans through genuine leather products, especially shoes. Through ups and downs, we try our best to meet customer needs for the beauty of comfort when wearing shoes. So, through the Prestigio shoe collection, Mario Minardi wants to show our dedication to our customers. Prestigio itself comes from the Italian word that means Prestige. Prestige gives us a meaning of widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something based on a perception of their achievements or quality.

Thus, Prestigio is the first shoe collection from Mario Minardi that uses a Blue Insole made of latex. This Blue Insole can adjust the shape of the contours of the feet, reduce pressure on the feet, and also has the characteristics to cool down your feet. For further productions, the blue insole will be there beneath your feet. Furthermore, in the Prestigio shoe collection, there are two other features that can provide more comfort to everyone who uses it. That is the Super Light and Ultra Soft XL Outsole. So, although this XL Outsole is thicker, this XL Outsole will not burden your feet. This XL outsole is light and soft. There are four shoes in the Prestigio collection that you can choose from, namely Andante (Oxford Cap Toe Brogue), Grazioso (Derby), Alegro (Penny Loafers), and Cadenza (Buckle Loafers).

Now, The Blue Beneath Your Feet is here to make every movement feels more enjoyable. Discover more about our Prestigio Collection at our website

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