National Batik Day

October 2, 2022

Classic Meets Modern

National Batik Day: Young Indonesians & Our Cultural Heritage

When modern combined with traditional batik, it will redefine the classic visualization of the product. The Classic Meets Modern Campaign is a collaboration between Wong Hang and Garuda Kencana Batik. All these synergies will elevate the essence of modern and classic concepts. The Classic-modern image will emphasize the use of batik patterns for fashion trends these days without losing the meaningful meanings behind the traditional batik pattern.

To celebrate National Batik Day, Mario Minardi highlights Batik Sawunggaling and Parang Curio from Garuda Kencana Batik as the main pattern designs for the classic concept. The leather jacket designed by Wong Hand and the leather clutch by Mario Minardi will portray the modern side of this campaign.

Batik: Sawunggaling & Parang Curigo 

Every Batik pattern has a deep philosophical meaning that can influence everyone. Sawunggaling pattern is the combination of phoenix and rooster depicted by a rooster with a phoenix tail that has the meaning of beauty, strength, and warranty. In ancient Chinese, the phoenix is believed to be able to duplicate itself. Phoenix itself is a symbol of omen (yin), beauty, strength, and believed can live for a thousand years ago and will burn itself so that a new phoenix will be born. Later, the phoenix is considered a bird of heaven. 

Otherwise, Batik Parang Curigo has a pattern that looks like a luk kris or kris without a shell. Parang Curigo pattern parallel to the 45-degree slope and rhombus shape. This motif means the hope that the wearer will get calm, intelligence, and authority.


Every leather jacket and Riddler clutch can be customized based on the customer’s favorite colors. Mario Minardi has 12 color swatches that can be chosen which then will be hand-painted by our professional artisan. These are the 12 color swatches: 

  1. Light Tan
  2. Tan
  3. Light Brown
  4. Brown
  5. Dark Brown
  6. Green
  7. Grey 
  8. Dark Grey
  9. Red
  10. Wine 
  11. Electric Blue
  12. Navy Blue  
By wearing this product collection, we can alternate showing the world our national heritage and preserve our culture, Batik, in more modern ways.

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