Material and Expertises

"A pair of shoes speak someone's identity."

"The best material are handled by craftsman with the best expertise inside Mario Minardi's workshop"

In Italy, Germany, France or other leather-producing regions, Mario Minardi is always on the lookout for the best leather - both quality materials are then transported to the workshop to be crafted by the shoe-maker who exercise precision and inject passion into their work. "Extensive knowledge of shoe construction, understanding of the nature leather and attention to detail define the expertise that belongs to Mario Minardi." As the result, comfort is never sacrificed for style or shape; elegance and wearability go hand in hand. Having an in-house production team ensures that quality is not compromised for Mario Minardi. The meticulous stages and processes of creating men's shoes are done mostly by hands, making each creation unique and highly personal. Authenticity is also ensured, as the experts remain loyal to brand's design codes even when designing shoes with more modern silhouettes. To with, the team confidently experiments with colors and techniques, as apparent in the hand-painting series and use of Goodyear Welt construction. The outstanding quality and expertise of Mario Minardi have been admitted by a bevy of international stockists, as well as local and international and international brands who source their shoes to the company. Supported by a team of seasoned shoemakers and in-house assembly production team, each manufacturing project is delivered with trust, respect and integrity.

"Artisanship and dedication are two recurring elements entrenched in every stitch of the shoes, reaching different parts of the world."

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