Are you ready to take the first step towards your dreams?

Introducing the Cortivo Spring/Summer 2023 Collection - where bold meets sporty. This summer, we bring you a range of stylish and versatile footwear that's perfect for you to go through the days. Whether you're strolling through the city streets or going to meetings, our footwear will accompany your comfort and style.

A spirit of pursuing dreams, this collection encourages you to "Walk the Dream". Our footwear is designed to help you step forward confidently towards wherever you dream of becoming. Life doesn’t always have to run, there are moments were we have to walk, and enjoy the process.

From classic sneakers to trendy loafers it is truly a summer collection, designed to match any outfit, our selection of colors makes it easy to find a pair that suits your unique style and personality.

A person that many of us aspire to become, we sat down with Jeremy Thomas where he shared his insights on fashion, life goals, and how shoes play an important part in his style.

How do you define your perfect pair of shoes?

In menswear, the shoes hold an important element of perfecting your fit, because it reflects personality. For me, the definition of the perfect shoes is that it should add more confidence for your daily style. One thing that I always believe in is that sometimes we might pick a bad attire for a certain day, but picking the wrong shoes is a decision that one cannot make because it’s crucial as a first impression on how a man dresses up.

How crucial does comfort play a part in your shoe selection?

Until now I am still living an active lifestyle, thus comfortable shoes are a priority for me. In a day I can visit several places that require me to do a lot of walking. Therefore I always pick shoes that are comfortable and also stylish. For me, comfort and style are a pair that cannot be separated, because I need both of them, cozy shoes that fit my feet so that my activities aren’t hindered but also compliments my style.

What are the differences between your style and personality in the past and present?

Good question. Like we all know, the fashion world constantly changes. Honestly I’m the type of person who goes for classic fashion styles. And my style before and now don’t really change much. As I grew older, past 45 years old, I picked better suited outfits that match my age and environment, a style to represent myself better. The photos we took (Mario Minardi: Spring/Summer 2023) represents my style that goes along with age, environment, and reflects who I really am.

Is there a message for people in the fight to pursue their dreams?

It is important to have an open life goal and avoid having closed dreams. In reaching your life goal there’s a need for consistent progress, even though they are small ones. As long as you have the spirit to carry on, 1 inch, 2 inch or even 3 meters, they are all progress nonetheless. These things can be applied in multiple aspects in life, such as in workplace and amongst peers. Other than that, it is important to dress well accordingly. It doesn’t have to be glamorous, but something that makes you comfortable and confident. Dressing well will give a positive memory about you for others.

What does “Walk the Dream” mean to you?

Dreams are connotations or premises on what people want in life. I’m pretty sure these definitions can vary, a that’s not wrong. It depends on values, morality, attitude or environment. Like what I’ve said before, man will continue to live as long as they dream. That thing also applies to me, because at this age there are dreams that I want to achieve, not just chasing, achieving. There might be questions such as will I succeed? The answer is yes, I will succeed. Will I achieve it in 1 or 2 days? Obviously not, but I’m enjoying every process of the journey.

Maybe a message to younger people who are also walking to reach their dreams is that, there’s no such thing as instant, especially when looking for money. Anything that’s too good to be true, anything instant might come with something wrong. So enjoy the process, enjoy your time, keep on dreaming and most importantly, never lose spirit, or let anyone brings it down.

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