Color Swatch

August 25, 2022

Uniquely You

“Express Your Authentic Color”

Uniquely You represent how people can be true to themself and be confident to radiance their uniqueness and identity. However, to support them to be authentic, we want to be a part of it by being the right place for them to express their color. 

But first thing first, what is the correlation between being unique and color? We use color to determine and differentiate an object or something. Color has its magic power physically and physiologically to humans. Through color, lives become more colorful and full of meaning. Color has its own ‘uniqueness’ as part of its identity, described as meanings, symbols, or influences on our lives and souls. That is why some people say color can speak and be a language to communicate or deliver a message. 

In addition, with color, we want to give our customers one of the best ways to show their authenticity and uniqueness by hand painting shoes. So the customer can manifest their dream shoes, present their unique style, and communicate their personality. On the other hand, our artisan will do the rest by hand painting every shoe meticulously and skillfully. Through Uniquely You and our artisan hand painting, we want people to resonate with themselves, be happy, stand out, and energize their daily life.

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