Dressing Personality

Confidence boost like a nice pair of shoes.

Every man need a few pairs of great dress shoes for the unavoidable occasions that will call for them. if you're a man who know how important quality dress shoes are, then you probably don't need to read further. but for everyone else, this may be one of the most important fashion articles you read. what you have on your feet can make or break any look. it doesn't matter if you have the most amazing suit in the world, if you have bad shoes, you might as well roll around in a puddle of mud. Shoes can get expensive, but if you're smart about your choice, you' be able to wear the for years. Not only that, but the confidence you get every time you put the on will be well worth the price.


Following the path of soft and elegant lines.

When it comes to choosing the right shoes, which one is the best for our outfits, be it casual, social, or formal, we often debating about buying round or square tip. The round tip, is the best choice as its versatile, winding line that never go out of style, even when the square tip became a popular in the 90's. it has a classic and elegant appeal, mesmerized whoever seen the smooth design which also helps in the composition of looks. The other one, the not-so-rounded-tip or what usually we call square tip, has a smooth and elegant finish. Until now, they mostly chosen to accompany formal clothing, but nowadays are also emerging some very interesting casual models as well.

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