Mario Minardi has built a reputation that transcends trends and seasons. However, even the finest shoes can experience wear and tear over time. Recognizing this, we offer a comprehensive repair service that ensures our products continue to look and feel as exceptional as the day they were first worn.

The repair service is an extension of our dedication to excellence. Skilled artisans, who understand Mario Minardi footwear's intricate details and high standards, handle each repair. Whether it’s a minor scuff or a worn-out sole, the team approaches every task with the same precision and care that goes into crafting new shoes.

Services Offered
The repair service covers a broad spectrum of needs, including:

  • Sole and Heel Replacement: Using premium materials, the repair team can replace worn-out soles and heels, ensuring the shoes maintain their structural integrity and comfort.
  • Re-stitching and Re-gluing: For shoes with loose stitching or parts that have come unglued, expert cobblers meticulously re-stitch and re-glue, preserving the original design and durability.
  • Leather Care and Restoration: Mario Minardi’s leather care service cleans, conditions, and restores the leather, bringing back its original luster and softness.
  • Customization and Adjustments: For those who need adjustments or wish to customize their shoes, the service offers modifications to ensure the perfect fit and personalized touches.
  • Recoloring and Color Change: Recoloring service meticulously restores the original hue and vibrancy of your footwear, while our color change service allows you to transform the appearance of your shoes entirely.

Process and Customer Experience
The repair process at Mario Minardi is designed to be as seamless and convenient as possible. Customers can bring their shoes to any Mario Minardi store, where staff will assess the condition and provide a detailed evaluation and estimate. For added convenience, the service can also be accessed online, allowing customers to ship their shoes directly to the repair center.

Once the shoes arrive at the repair center, they are thoroughly inspected, and a tailored repair plan is created. The whole repair process will take 7–14 working days. Throughout the process, customers are kept informed of the progress, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. After the repair is complete, the shoes are carefully packaged and returned, looking as good as new.

The repair service exemplifies our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It ensures that every pair of Mario Minardi shoes continues to provide comfort, style, and durability for years to come. For those who invest in Mario Minardi footwear, the repair service is a testament to our promise of excellence and a valuable resource for maintaining their treasured shoes in impeccable condition. Further information can be provided by our customer service team at +62 819-5310-4499.