Live The Fullest: A Journey Inspired by Olivia Tan

You know what else can add that extra boost of confidence and excitement to your journey? A fabulous pair of heels!

July has finally arrived, and we have been all ears to your requests! With great excitement, we introduce to you our newest heels collection: Blush! Like the sun revealing a fresh canvas each morning, this collection is an invitation for you to paint your existence with elegance, style, and confidence as you #LiveTheFullest.

Whether it's traveling, fashion, or anything else that sets your soul on fire, living life to the fullest means embracing what brings you joy and doing more of it, and for Olivia Tan, heels have become an essential part of her everyday routine, and she has a genuine love for them. It's not just a fashion preference for her, it's a personal connection that symbolizes self-love and ignites an unwavering sense of confidence in every aspect of her life.

Olivia Tan took some time to chat with us, where she opened up about her journey that has become a true inspiration.

How did you start creating contents?

“Back then, it was simply a fun hobby, exploring travel and fashion. But joining a pageant in 2020 completely transformed everything. Sharing my journey, challenges, and achievements brought an outpouring of positive feedback from friends on social media. Their gratitude and encouragement fueled my passion to create and inspire even more.”

So, everyone, we couldn't be more excited to welcome Olivia Tan to the Mario Minardi's family. Together, we are thrilled to introduce a collection that embraces confidence, style, and self-expression. Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate individuality and empower each other to shine brightly.

What is the best part about your job?

“The best part about my job is the ability to inspire my female friends to feel fulfilled, brave, and pursue their dreams with confidence.” Olivia Tan's vision aligns perfectly with the essence of our collection, Blush. We firmly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to express themselves with confidence and embrace their full potential. Our collection is thoughtfully designed to inspire, support, and empower individuals as they navigate through life. Let's come together and celebrate the beauty of individuality, uplifting one another to thrive on our unique paths.

Define yourself in a sentence!

Hmm, confident, elegant, and also daring.

What's your current goal in life?

"My current goal is to become one of the Indonesian women who can make a significant impact on the international stage." Let's extend our warmest wishes to Olivia Tan as she continues to chase her dreams and inspire women worldwide. As a united community, let's stand by her side, extending our love, support, and positive energy as she fearlessly pursues her dreams. Here's to Olivia Tan, a true symbol of strength and confidence for us all. Cheers!

Is there a message for young people who are currently chasing their dreams?

"Yes, of course! Small achievements and successes every day are enough to create something great with time and nurturing." Our heels collection is here to support everyone on their journey of pursuing their dreams, expressing themselves with confidence, and maximizing every moment. So, go ahead, slip into our Blush Collection, live life to the fullest, and let your journey be filled with style, grace, and self-expression. You have the power to turn your dreams into a beautiful reality!

In conclusion, let the blush collection be a constant reminder that as women, we possess the ability to create our own paths, overcome challenges, and write our own stories, all while embracing the #LiveTheFullest mantra.


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