Independence Day

August 17, 2022

Be Courageous, Be Independent

“Be brave as red and be pure as white”

Every August 17th, we celebrate our independence day. In commemorating this day, we usually do traditions to celebrate this special day, from ceremonies to competitions in the neighborhood.  To celebrate the 77th Indonesian independence day, Mario Minardi exclusively customized our Frank shoes. Frank is a cow vegetable leather sneaker with extra comfort foam on its leather lining. With the theme color of Bravery Red and Pure White, our craftsman began the process of mixing colors and painting these shoes.

Our craftsman carefully and meticulously painted the ordinary Frank shoes into extraordinary ones. Like being reborn, now our Frank shoes seem to have a stronger identity because of the Bravery Red and Pure White color. The inspirations behind Bravery Red and Pure White colors are the brave spirit and a pure soul, same with the meaningful colors of our national flag. It is attractive and very charming for whoever sees it. With the 'new' Frank's shoes, we want to convey a message to the public for Indonesia's 77th anniversary.

The message is that Mario Minardi wants the Indonesian people to be bold in living this life. So they can achieve independence to be free to be themselves. Also, dare to step forward on the road full of obstacles to actualize themself to gain freedom in their heart, soul, and life. In this way, the sacrifices of our ancestors, warriors, and heroes can always remind us of the true meaning of independence.

“Be Courageous, Be Independent!”

Once again, Happy 77th Independence Day, our beloved country Indonesia!

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