Elgato Collection 2022

September 5, 2022

The Limited Travel Edition

Everyone loves to travel. 

Scientifically proves that traveling benefits our health mentally and physically. Traveling can make you happy because it relieves stress and anxiety. You can recharge yourself from boredom to make you feel even more motivated to work again. In addition, we can also explore new things that can later increase our creativity. Apart from being fun and relaxing, travel can also have a positive impact on our lives. 

To have a pleasant and easy trip, we need to be a smart-traveler. Usually, the problem when traveling is packing our stuff. We occasionally feel confused about what to carry to prevent excessive luggage. Therefore, Mario Minardi just launched a limited collection of travel products, namely the Elgato Collection. Elgato comes from a combination of two Italian words Elastico and Piegato. Elastico means elastic and Piegato means can be folded. Elgato is the right name for this limited edition shoe collection because of its flexibility that is easy to fold and easy to carry everywhere, aka compact. Not only that, the elasticity of the Elgato collection will add comfort when wearing it, but also it has a soft insole. Elgato Collections consist of Amadeo, Giuseppe, and Vittorio loafers that can rock casual and formal styles.  However, only for the limited edition Elgato collection, we replaced the regular box with a very compact shoe case, so it doesn't take up extra space in your luggage or travel bag. 

Elgato Pre-Fall 2022 Collection is addressed to those who seek a comfy, classy and bring efficiency and practicality to their style. Free your space now with our Elgato Limited Collection!

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